6 Tips to Look for in a VPN Provider

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VPN is an essential tool to protect your privacy while using the internet. It plays the role of a tunnel for the internet connection you use. Your VPN provider will be the only outsider who will see your activities when the VPN is switched on. As your VPN provider has access to your browsing data, the VPN provider you choose has an important role to play.

Here are 6 things you must consider while choosing a VPN provider.

  • Do not go for a free VPN

Most people fall for the tag “Free VPN”. However, all companies need revenue to cover their expenses. While some VPNs find revenue from ads, others sell the data of their users to make money. Also, free VPN services mostly offer fewer features and are relatively slow.

  • Vendor’s security experience

VPN is a rapidly growing market today, which is grabbing the attention of many new vendors. However, all these vendors may not have good experience and it will be hard to learn more about the companies. VPN providers and services are used for online privacy and security. Therefore, choose a provider that can offer transparency and enough experience in cyber security.

  • Do not trust all reviews

While looking for a VPN service provider, you may search for online information. Numerous reviews and comparisons of VPN providers are available on the internet. But, finding unbiased information online is extremely difficult. Therefore, think twice before trusting an online source.

  • Check for the home country of the VPN provider

VPN companies have to follow all the rules and regulations of their home country. Some countries ask these providers to collect and provide the data of their users, which can be a compromise to your privacy. If there is no law to control the collection and management of user data, it can be dangerous. Therefore, know the home country of your VPN provider before choosing it.

  • Look for the privacy policy of your VPN provider

Most VPN providers claim that they do not keep logs. However, the fact is that this claim isn’t always true. Almost all VPNs have to keep the minimum connection logs to offer service to the users. But, you will want to keep some of your data, such as browsing history, private. Therefore, you must cross-check the claims of your VPN provider and read the privacy policy carefully.

  • Avoid providers with numerous servers

VPN providers tend to rent many servers to provide their service all over the world. This happens mainly when the provider offers plenty of server options. In such cases, the provider will not have complete control over their complete server network. Look for the locations you require and avoid choosing the vendors with the highest number of servers.

Final Thoughts

You may not have many things to hide. But, there are several things you have to protect. The VPN provider you choose must protect your privacy and security online. It must not sell your data and must offer a simple-to-read privacy policy. The experience in cyber security is an added advantage.