UN Encourages Browser Anonymity

While many government agencies around the world are looking to implement ‘back door’ access to online encryption programs in the name of national security, the United Nations have come out as supporters of anonymity on the internet and cite it as the route to freedom of speech in future generations.

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How Reliable is Google My Account?

It has been over a week since Google re-launched their ‘My Account’ with additional measures to keep your online data secure. So we thought it was time to ask, just how reliable is Google My Account?

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Tor Cloud Falls Back Down to Earth

When first implemented, Tor Cloud was seen as an innovative and very simple way to gain unfettered anonymous access to the internet for its users. Simply by offering up unused bandwidth to Tor, users could very easily build bridges to the Amazon EC2 cloud and benefit from the same anonymity and security traditional Tor users enjoy every day. However, in light of recent developments, it looks like the potential for the Tor Cloud has fallen from the sky.

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The Importance of Signing up to a Reputable VPN Company

For those that have already invested their hard earned cash in high quality anti-virus software, having to spend even more money on a VPN may seem a step too far. But if you do choose to go down the ‘bargain’ line when it comes to choosing your VPN, the cost maybe more than you were ever willing to pay.

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